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 Google Resources

Google Apps for Education Resources and Training.

 Educational App Finder

Let us help you find the best apps for you classrooms. We do the research, so you can avoid wasting time with apps that do not work.

  Robust Tutorials

In-depth tutorials that will help you get up and running quickly with educational technology tools.

  Mobile Learning

Learn best practices for iPads, Chromebooks and everything in between.

 Social Media Tips

Learn real world social media tips from experienced educators to help maximize social media for collaboration and personal growth.

 Blended Learning

Resources to make your classroom a blended learning environment.

 High Quality Videos

HD videos of current technology best practices and tech reviews.

 Presentation Resources

Never worry about missing notes and resources from an training. We have you covered!

  Gamification Resources

Learn to use game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage students.

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